Insights from Genesis 24 – 28

Genesis 24:10-27 Eliezer had no clue. He actually disobeyed Abraham. He didn’t seek out Abraham’s family first. He stopped at the well to look for a wife who would be willing to water camels and who wouldn’t quit before the job was done. His criteria for a wife was a willing workhorse. God meets Eliezer’s criteria and Abraham’s. Perhaps after this, God Became Eliezer’s God and not just the God of his master Abraham.

Genesis 25:21 Odd that the wives of the fathers of many nations were barren for so long. Sarah for 25 years, Rebekah for 20. These were the first promises God had given since Noah. Perhaps He was trying to teach them and us to ask for our promises. Perhaps He wants us to remind Him, and show our belief.

Genesis 27:7 What Isaac actually said was “prepare a savory dish for me such as I love, and bring it to me that I may eat, so that my soul may bless you before I die.” Isaac never said anything about “in the presence of the Lord”. Was it that Rebekah saw Isaac as being in the presence of the Lord? Or that she knew the history and importance of the blessing from Abraham to Isaac? Or was she just using the phrase to get Jacob’s attention and cooperation?

Genesis 27:20 Just as to Isaac, God was the God of Abraham, to Jacob, God is the God of Isaac his father. Perhaps it was cultural and God was always the God of the patriarch. Jacob acknowledges that God directs our actions and embraces our results.

Genesis 27:45 Rebekah is speaking to Jacob. The plan to steal Esau’s blessing was her idea, yet she tells Jacob what he did to Esau. Did Esau ever learn of his mother’s involvement? Rebekah tells Jacob she will send for Jacob, but she never did. Twenty years later Esau was still angry and still hadn’t forgotten.

Genesis 28:10-17 Jacob’s ladder. God’s promise. God tells Jacob He is the God of his father Abraham and the God of Isaac (but not “your father Isaac”). He promises the land. He promises descendants – to Abraham and Isaac, He compared the descendants to the stars, but for Jacob, He uses the dust of the earth and adds “spreading north and south and east and west.” God promises to be with him, to keep him, and to bring him back. He promises not to leave him until He has done what He has promised. God’s promises are thorough. Jacob awakes awestruck and sees his camp as the house of God and the gate of heaven.

Genesis 28:10-22 The note in the Hebrew-Greek Study Bible says Jacob realized his need for a blessing. He had recently stolen the firstborn blessing from Isaac and Esau, yet God is willing to bless him. He was the chosen one – it didn’t matter what he had done. Still, Jacob sees the blessing as a business deal – if You feed me and bring me back safely, then You will be my God and I will give you a tenth of everything. Perhaps he didn’t see much of a future for himself. He surely didn’t see much of a future with God. Twenty years later, he sees clearly. He has a multitude of food and flocks – the tithe is large. Its’ time for another blessing. A blessing he can’t steal. A blessing he can’t earn. A blessing he desperately needs. Perhaps that’s why God makes him wrestle for it – to see how much he really wants it. Perhaps God is wrestling the deceit and pride out of him.


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