God’s Word

“Rain and snow come down from the sky. They do not go back again until they water the earth. They make it sprout and grow so that it produces seed for farmers and food for people to eat. My word which comes from My mouth is like the rain and snow. It will not come back to Me without results. It will accomplish whatever I want and achieve whatever I send it to do.” Isaiah 55:10-11 (God’s Word Translation)

Think of all the different ways it rains. A few huge drops. Drops here and there. A light mist you scarcely notice. A gentle rain. A steady rain. A drenching downpour. The rain that travels sideways.

Think of all the different ways it snows. Little round balls. Small snowflakes, medium snowflakes. Flakes that glitter like Ivory Soap flakes. Snowflakes the size of quarters or half-dollars. Flakes like lace. Snow that hits the ground and melts. Snow that covers only the grass. Snow that’s light and can be blown away. Snow that has to be shoveled. Snow so wet and heavy, it takes a lot of effort to move it. Snow that piles up and drifts and lasts for months.

So it is with God’s Word. Sometimes one particular verse is all it takes to change a course, heal a hurt, encourage or comfort. Sometimes God’s Word is a light mist we scarcely notice. Sometimes every single word on the page comes to life for us and we let it soak in. Sometimes the Word is a downpour filling our empty souls and flowing over. Sometimes the Word assaults us by showing us our sins and failings.

Sometimes God’s Word is like little round balls of snow – it hurts when it hits home. There are certain passages that light up our souls like the snow that glistens like diamonds as the light of truth shines on it from every direction. Sometimes a verse is as beautiful to us as a huge snowflake falling lazily to the ground. Sometimes we read the Word and pass over it – it hits our hearts and melts instantly. Sometimes it gets through to our minds but not our hearts, or to our hearts but not our minds. Often times a verse is light and blows away easily – we soon forget it. Sometimes we have to work at getting to the meaning and application of a verse. Sometimes the Word presses on our hearts and spirits like heavy, wet snow. Sometimes the Word is as refreshing as a spring rain. Sometimes a passage stays with us for a lifetime.

God’s Word always brings results. The verse we’ve forgotten suddenly comes back to mind. The conviction eventually settles in. The Word sprouts, producing seed for us to share with others, and food for all who will partake. God’s Word will change minds, hearts, spirits and lives – if we allow it.


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