Insights from Genesis 4-11

Genesis 4:9 Perhaps the reason Cain offered the fruit of the ground was that he was too proud and/or too jealous of his brother to buy a lamb from him, or even to ask for one.

Genesis 4:11-12 Cain was a tiller of the ground (v 2). The punishment fits the person and the crime. Cain had no respect for God or the fruit of his labor, so God took it away.

Genesis 4:14 “from Thy face I shall be hidden” This wasn’t part of God’s punishment in verses 11-12. Did Cain add to God’s words just as his mother did in 3:3? Or is this the conclusion he came to? A self-imposed punishment? The true desire of his heart?

Genesis 5:29 Lamech saw his son as a kind of messiah, savior – a man who would ease the curse, the obstacles. He was partially right. Noah didn’t make their life any easier – he actually made it more difficult by pointing out how far they were from God. Noah was the one, though, who saved the animals and started the human race over again.

Genesis 6:3 The 900 year life spans of men was too much. The Holy Spirit strives with us, trying to get us to see God and follow Him. Much striving leads to shortened lives.

Genesis 6:6 Perhaps this isn’t sorry as in regret. Maybe it was mostly pity. God saw what man had become and was filled with pity, so much pity, His heart broke for them and the sorry state they had gotten themselves into.

Genesis 6:8 God bends to us to grant us favor and He bends His knee to bless us (the Hebrew word translated “bless”, means knee, to bend the knee). God is not distant – He is always bending toward us.

Genesis 6:17 When we are born, God breathes life into us. At the end of our lives when we die, we breathe out the breath He gave us.

Genesis 7:1 God is looking for righteous people.

Genesis 8:13 The occupants emerging from the ark is the completion of a kind of baptism. Albeit they were submerged a long time, still I see a parallel.

Genesis 10:9 In God’s opinion, Nimrod was a mighty hunter. God takes note of us for what we’re best at, and sometimes makes sure everyone knows it.

Genesis 11:6 The people disobeyed God’s command to fill the earth, and instead decided to congregate in one place and build a tower. God’s response was to create different tongues and scatter the people abroad. Years later, the early church fathers make the same mistake. Disobeying Jesus’ command to go into all the world, they stubbornly cling to Jerusalem. Having given them tongues to build the church, God now allows persecution to scatter them abroad.


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