Revealings from Genesis 3

Satan works from the bottom up. First, he takes over a snake. He uses the snake and the tree to capture Eve. He uses Eve to capture Adam. He uses Adam and Eve to hurt God. That’s always his goal – to hurt God. Therefore, Stan will use us to hurt God and it’s important to be faithful in the little things.

Verse 8. God would walk in the garden in the cool of the day and visit with Adam and Eve. He didn’t just create them and then leave them on their own. He enjoyed their company. Adam and Eve hid. God knew what had happened, but He didn’t skip the visit. God enjoys our company and longs to visit with us. Even when we’ve sinned or disappointed Him, He still wants to visit with us.

Verse 9. God knew where Adam and Eve were and why they were hiding, but He still called for them. It was important that they face up to what they did, look God in the eye and confess. So it is with us. God knows where we are and why we’re hiding, but He still seeks us out and calls for us. It’s important that we face up to what we’ve done, look squarely at God and confess. This lesson repeats in Genesis 4 when Cain kills Abel. God seeks out Cain giving him every opportunity to come clean, but even when Cain is face to face with God, he still hides.

Verse 21. Adam and Eve broke God’s command and His heart, but He kills an animal and makes garments to clothe them. He still helps them to start over. We break God’s commands and His heart all the time, but God does and will do whatever is needed to help us start over.

Verse 22. God protects Adam and Eve from having to live forever in their guilt and shame. God is good. Evil does not come from such a good God. Knowing good and evil must be something we humans can bear only for a short time. Knowing the full extent of good and evil is something only the Trinity can bear. I think that when we get to heaven, we will surprised to learn all that God has shielded us from. There is great pain in knowing good and evil. Guilt when we do wrong. Sorrow at the pain others cause. Only a God of tremendous love can bear such great pain.


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