Lessons from Asa (II Chronicles 16: 1-12)

King Asa of Judah started out so well, doing what God “considered good and right” (II Chronicles 14:2). He got rid of the idols, told the people to follow God and dedicated his life to serving God. When the Sudanese attacked and he was outnumbered two to one, he called on God, depending on Him, and God fought for him.

But when King Baasha of Israel attacked Judah, Asa sent his treasurer to the King of Aram instead of sending his staff to pray. He depended on an earthly king instead of the King of the Universe. Thirty years of peace seemed to have dulled the memory of how God helped him defeat the Sudanese.

The prophet Hanani went to Asa and pointed out his error. God intended Aram to be Asa’s conquest, not his ally. Hanani told Asa flat out that he acted foolishly and would have to fight wars from now on. Instead of repenting, Asa gets angry, imprisons Hanani and oppresses some of the people.

Asa doesn’t learn from his mistake. He contracts a foot disease and instead of asking God for help, seeks only human help, leaving God out of his healing process. Two years later, he’s dead.

We must regularly remember the things God has done for us so that when trouble comes, He’s our first line of defense, not our last resort. God must be the first one we turn to, not the last.

When someone points out to us that we’ve done something wrong, we should be humble enough to admit our mistakes and learn from them, We shouldn’t get angry at the messenger or at God and we shouldn’t kick the dog in frustration. We should definitely make sure we don’t repeat our mistakes.

We must remember that “God’s eyes scan the whole world to find those whose hearts are committed to Him and strengthen them” (II Chronicles 16:9). God sees us. We must commit our whole hearts to Him and rely on His strength, not our own or any else’s.


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