Good Friday Meditation

So much pain.

The pain of being betrayed.

The pain of being deserted.

The pain of being falsely accused. 

The pain of being scourged, mocked, beaten.

The pain of wearing a crown of thorns, knowing it should have been a crown of glory.

The pain of carrying a cross.  The pain of the nails pounded through hands and feet. 

The pain of the crucifixion.  

The pain of knowing many wouldn’t understand. 

The pain of knowing some would, yet still not believe.

The pain of knowing some would understand and believe, yet not be grateful enough to tell others.

So much pain.


So much love.

He loves betrayers, deserters, power hungry controllers and the cruel. 

He loves those who suffer, the slow of mind, the slow of heart and the slow of mouth.


So much pain.

The pain of other gods before Him.

The pain of seeing worship due Him given elsewhere.

The pain of hearing His name in curses and casualness.

The pain of unholy Sabbaths. 

The pain of the honorable unhonored.

The pain of murder, adultery, theft, lies and greed.


So much love.

No matter how many times we turn away, slight, ignore, insult, dishonor or profane,

He loves.

No matter three times or many times. He loves every time.

He loves the murderer, the adulterer, the thief and the liar.

He loves the greedy and the needy.

And He loves them all the same. 

Unconditionally, ruthlessly, jealously.


Only love can bear pain.

There has to be more love than pain.

The love has to be big enough to absorb the pain and continue as if it hadn’t been hurt.

We in our human minds are fond of expressing ratios. 

How can we express love:pain?




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