In I Kings 1, Adonijah has big plans – he wants to be king.  So what does he do?  He goes to those whom he thinks will be good political allies.  He tells them his cause.  He gains their support.  He takes them out to dinner.  Adonijah has forgotten the most important thing – kingship comes from God.  He should have taken his cause to God.  He should have asked God for His support.  He should have taken God out to dinner.  That was the only support he really needed.  If God is for us, who can be against us?  All the human support in the world for a cause won’t do anybody a bit of good if the cause isn’t God’s will.

So then, what do Nathan and Bathsheba do?  Instead of trusting God to make Solomon king, they plot and plan.  God would have told David when the time was right to anoint Solomon.  Instead of trusting God, they resort to human resources.  When we do that, we miss God’s miracles. 

Adonijah’s comment is interesting.  He tells Jonathan that since he’s a good man (meaning on his side), he must be bringing good news.  A warning inside a compliment (Jonathan’s in trouble if he’s not bringing good news).

Now Adonijah’s guests are afraid.  They sneak out from the banquet.  They don’t want it known they were there.  They find themselves on the wrong side and now want to sneak over to the right side.  What loyalty!  They too show a lack of trust in God.  They should have asked God to show them who He wanted to be king.  Then they wouldn’t have had anything to worry about. 

Now that Adonijah’s in BIG trouble, where does he run to?  The temple.  He’s put his trust in himself and men thus far.  Why doesn’t he just go to Solomon and face him man to man?  Nope.  Now he runs to hide behind the temple skirts.

Solomon is the only one who is trusting God.  He knows his kingship and kingdom are from God.  He will let God destroy his enemies for him.  He lets Adonijah go.  Perhaps Adonijah was afraid of being put to death because that’s what he would have done to Solomon if their positions were reversed.

We must trust God from the beginning.  We must seek Him at the start.  Then and only then, will everything fall into place in the perfect way at the perfect time.  Hands off.  Eyes, mind and heart on God.  


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