Their Life Together

I know these two people – they’re very special to me.
So special that sometimes it hurts to think of them – and remember.
I don’t know the whole story – I’ve just gathered bits and pieces with my eyes, ears, and heart.
They haven’t told me much.
Maybe it’s too painful for them.
They’ll tell me when the time comes.
I supposed I could ask, but I’d rather let it be their decision, their time.
It’s not easy to put the bits and pieces together, but the missing pieces are full of love.
Someday when the real pieces fall into place, I know the love will be there to seal them.
I don’t know the whole story – just the bits and pieces I’ve gathered with my eyes, ears, and heart.

They were married.
They must have been very happy – in spite of interference and problems and rainy days.
But one day, their happiness disappeared and the pieces of their lives scattered in all directions.
He almost lost her.
He stayed by her – he must have been full of hope.
But he did lose a part of her.
For the voice he had grown to love would never return.
He stayed.
He could have given up but he didn’t.
He might have left her or sent her away, but he wouldn’t.
He stayed – not because he felt he had to – but because he wanted to.
Because he loved her.
He suffered with her – and for her.
And together they tried to pick up the pieces of their lives.
They truly became one person and spirit as they struggled.
Nothing mattered because they were together.

This may not really be the way they felt.
It may have been entirely different.
Perhaps I saw them this way because I wanted to.
Perhaps I saw what they wanted me to see.
I doubt it though.

In one sense I will never grow up – for I will always believe with the eternal faith of a little child that they love each other – and always will.
No matter what.


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