The Tares among the Wheat

(Matthew 13:24-30)

The kingdom of heaven may be compared to Jesus who sowed disciples in the world.  But the devil came and sowed his disciples among the disciples of Jesus, and went away.  The disciples of Jesus sprang up and bore fruit, the fruit of the Spirit.  The servants of Jesus questioned the crop, and were told of the enemy’s activities.  The servants of Jesus volunteered to gather up Satan’s disciples, but Jesus didn’t want the true disciples to be rooted up with the false disciples. 

Jesus allows us to grow together until He comes again.  We disciples of Jesus must grow with the disciples of Satan.  When Jesus returns, the angels will separate the disciples.  Satan’s disciples will be burned.  The disciples of Jesus will be gathered into heaven. 

I cannot escape Satan’s disciples, but I can identify them by the fruit they bear.  I must live and work with them, but I must not let them overtake me.  I must weed out the seeds they drop into the soil of my soul.  I must be vigilant to keep my vine well watered, fed and pruned, so that I can be stronger than the tares.  Most of all, I must make sure that my branch stays closely attached to the true vine, Jesus.


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