God commands Moses to come up on the mountain so that He can give him the tablets of stone.  Moses takes Joshua with him.  Joshua is called Moses’ minister in the King James Version.  Joshua then ministered to and for Moses.  Like a guardian angel, Joshua kept his eye on Moses and did whatever needed to be done, whatever God prompted him to do.  The New International Version calls Joshua Moses’ aide.  An administrative assistant taking care of details so that Moses could concentrate on bigger and better things.  The Living Bible calls Joshua Moses’ assistance and the Revised Standard Version calls him his servant. 

I wonder how Joshua latched on to Moses.  Looks like the first mention of Joshua is when he’s in charge of the army and they fight Amalek.  That was the battle where the Israelites won as long as Moses held his arms up and so Aaron and Hur hold them up for him.  Looks like God was preparing Joshua then.  God tells Moses to write everything down and “rehearse it in the ears of Joshua” that God will completely destroy Amalek.  God started encouraging Joshua early.  (But then God is always encouraging us – we just don’t always see it.)  So Joshua was on the mountain with Moses and God.  He saw the glory of God for forty days and forty nights.  (Exodus 24)

Whenever Moses went to the tabernacle, Joshua went with and then stayed behind after Moses left.  It seems cute to think of him cleaning up after the glory of God.  Or rather basking in it?  Joshua learned by Moses’ example.  He grew close to God by watching Moses be close to God.  He was chosen from the beginning.  (Exodus 32-33)

Joshua was a positive thinker.  When the other spies saw how large and mean the enemy was, Joshua saw the power of God and the possibilities of the land.  He also had courage enough to stand up and speak against the majority.  (Numbers 14)

Now I’ve done my homework, and gotten Joshua’s background.  I’m ready to read the book named for him.  The question is whether or not I will do the rest of my homework – being a servant, expecting God’s encouragement, basking in the glory of God, seeing (and acting upon) the possibilities God has laid out before me.


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