The Tree of Knowledge

From the very beginning, God has wanted to protect us from too much knowledge, from the wrong kind of knowledge and from the knowledge that we couldn’t fully understand.  Life was simpler when we didn’t know about evil – there was only good.  Knowing about evil brought consequences into our lives that God originally intended to keep us from.  We never fully understand the consequences of evil because our finite minds don’t usually see that far ahead – Adam and Eve only looked at their immediate desire (becoming more like God) and had no clue about the effect their choice would have on their children and also no idea how many children there would be.

 In the garden, Adam and Eve had direct contact with God – fellowship.  That was lost when they deliberately chose to disobey God.  They no longer had those long intimate conversations as they strolled together through the delightful garden.

 The tree was a test of obedience and trust.  Would they trust God with the knowledge of evil, to keep it for and from them?  We no longer have access to the tree, but we still have that test of trust.  God tests us to see if we will trust Him to keep for us the knowledge of why things happen as they do, the course of our lives, His plan for us.

 In Eden, God chose to not tell Adam and Eve about evil.  Now He chooses to not tell us why He does what He does or what will happen next.  But the question He asks now is the same He asked then.  Will you trust Me?  Will you leave it for Me to take care of for you?  Will you believe I only want what’s best for you?



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