The Dream

The night fell soft and warm and beneath the brilliant glow of the moon we walked through the mist of the almost silent meadow.  Only the eyes of the night watched as we fell in love – and soared to the peaks of the mountains.  Together.

No words were spoken, for we were too awed by the beauty we saw and the tremendous feeling we had just discovered.  Together.

And as the breeze tried to mask the heat of the day, it gently rustled through our hair and briefly touched our souls.  We skipped through the trees and only the moonlight and the daisies and the brook were able to see.  To see the love and laughter and tears and music we shared.  Together.

As two people finally belonging to the life we were given, finally able to understand and give a piece of ourselves to each other.  We would make it now.  Together.

The black light cast eerie shadows about us and the people around us laughed and sang and talked quietly.  We were a part of them; we belonged.  But yet the two of us were different and separated from the rest.  And at the same time drawn closer to them.  Together.

The past and the future are forgotten, for we are too busy living and sharing each precious moment of the present.  Together.

At last.


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