Praise and Adoration – Ephesians 1:1-5

Your will is always good and pleasing and perfect.  You know best.  You never make a mistake.  You know exactly what You’re doing and why and how it all fits together.  You are trustworthy.  I can count on You.  You will never let me down.  It’s so good to finally have Someone I can trust completely!

No one is as faithful as You are!  It doesn’t matter what I do, You are faithful to forgive and not hold it against me.  I’m finally out of the doghouse and know it for sure!  It doesn’t matter how often I hurt You or disappoint You, You are faithful to wait for my return.  You never give up on me.  No person on earth is as faithful as You are!

You grant me grace and peace.  You are so generous!  You want the very best for me.  Your intention wasn’t for me to be miserable here on earth, but to have grace and peace.  Actually Your intention was for me to have perfection, and even though I  ruin Your perfection, You still want me to have grace and peace even in the midst of the messes I  create.  You want me to know the rejoicing that grace is based on and the joy that accompanies it.  You want me to have the peace and well-being that complete trust in You brings.  You are so good to me!

I bless You as the God of my Lord Jesus Christ.  I bless You as the Father of my Lord Jesus Christ.  My human mind has difficulty fathoming the depths of the relationship between and amongst You and Jesus and Your Spirit, but I can trust that one day it will be made clear.  Still, I expect I will need eternity to fathom Your depths!  At last I have something in my mind, heart, spirit and soul that isn’t shallow but has depth and meaning – You!

You bless me with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ.  You are so generous!  I have no idea how abundant You are, for I am lucky if I scratch the surface or get a fleeting glimpse of a blessing or two.  How different my life would be if I accessed more of Your spiritual blessings!  You spoil me rotten!

You chose me in Jesus before the foundation of the world, before You created a single cell.  You knew I would respond to You and accept Your gift of salvation and so You made sure I would not be overlooked or left out.  It’s so good to not be left out any more!  Especially for the most important event of all – eternity in heaven with You! 

You are holy.  You are set apart in Your holiness.  You are full of awe, pure, perfect.  No person on earth has ever or will ever even come close to You.  You are blameless.  I am the exact opposite of You, and yet, because of the blood of Jesus that cleanses me, You allow me to be considered holy and blameless and stand before You as one of You.

In love, You planned for me to be adopted into Your family through Jesus Christ.  You have so much love!  No one loves me like You do!  Your love made sure to do whatever it took to get me adopted.  You spared no expense – You gave Your Son’s life as my adoption fee!  No one on earth has ever wanted me that much!

You have nothing but kind intentions for me.  You mean me no harm, but bring good out of every event and circumstance that I consider harmful.  My vision is so limited, I see only the immediate, but You see how everything in my life fits together for eternity.  You make sure that nothing goes to waste, but that everything that I’ve gone through will be used many times over to help others and bring glory to Your name.

You freely bestow grace on me.  Your grace costs me nothing, but cost Jesus His life and You great pain.  Yet, just as there is great joy at the end of childbirth, You know great joy at my acceptance of Your gifts.  You didn’t have to open heaven up to everyone, but You did.  You could have kept it just for Yourself and Your angels, but You wanted to share heaven with everyone and so You made it easy for me – all I had to do was confess, repent and accept the death of Your Son as payment for my sins.  No one on earth would ever be so free with what cost so much! 

Jesus is Your Beloved, and You want me to be Your Beloved as well.  You want more than just my entrance into heaven; You want an intimate relationship with me now.  I can never thank You enough for what You’ve done for me, want to do for me and will do for me!


One thought on “Praise and Adoration – Ephesians 1:1-5

  1. Now, if I can just continue to remember this; every minute of every day. But, I know I won’t. But, I know God will faithfully remind me if I continue to stay in His Word and listen to His Spirit.
    JJ, it would be helpful if you referenced the verses these ideas came from. They are so powerful.
    Thanks for sharing with us/teaching us.


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