Buster Brown & the Baby Bunny

It was a warm and pleasant Sunday afternoon and I was mowing.  As usual, Buster Brown was close by.  I was going around the evergreen closest to the house when I heard the terrified squeaks of a baby bunny (he’s picked up baby bunnies before).  I knew exactly where to look – in Buster Brown’s mouth and I could see a part of the poor little thing.  I could hear all of it – crying out for all it was worth, with every fiber of its little being.  I had Buster Brown by the collar and since this wasn’t the first time I tried to teach him about catch and release, I knew exactly what to do.  One well-placed thump on the top of his head and a wet, skinny, baby bunny was trembling in the dirt.  As I started off to the back door with Buster Brown firmly in tow, I saw the mama rabbit dash by on the other side of the fence.  When I got back, the baby bunny was gone, but the lessons about how God works in my life were just beginning.

 There are times when we’re safe and secure in our little nest, but curious about the outside world and we stick our nose out a little too far to see what’s out there.  There are times when we’re safe and secure in our little nest, minding our own business and the enemy reaches in and grabs us.  How frightening it is to be picked up and carried off by another creature.  How frightening it is to be so high off the ground.

 We have to make sure we’re not paralyzed by fear.  We have to cry out with every fiber of our being.  It’s our only chance of getting help.  Our Abba is close by and ready to help.  God’s first thought is to rush to the aid of His little one.  God responds to the cries of His little ones even more than a mother does.  His heart stops at our first cry and breaks with our discomfort, fear and pain.  He rushes to our aid, sending the Holy Spirit or a fellow saint to thump the enemy on the head with the Word of God and make him drop us.  Unhindered by fear, unimpeded by lack of power, God is there doing whatever needs to be done as soon as it needs to be done.  He knows the best way to counter attack and rescue us.  He scoops us up and takes us back to the nest, comforting, healing, and scolding if necessary.  Then He stays with us until we finally fall back to sleep, once again safe and secure in His arms.  


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