The Key to Moses’ Success

“Moses did exactly what God commanded him to do.” Numbers 17:11 (GWT)

That’s the key to Moses’ success, isn’t it? Once he has his encounter with God at the burning bush, he begins to do exactly what God tells him to do.

It costs him. It costs him his quiet shepherd life and his family – he’s separated from his wife and sons for a while. Despite the cost, Moses does exactly what God commands him to do and the nation of Israel is freed from slavery.

Once in the wilderness, obedience costs Moses again – he must be mediator between God and the people and he must serve the people and God. He loses personal “freedom” and a peaceful existence as he listens to complaints and settles disputes.

There’s an even greater cost to disobedience. God tells Moses to speak to the rock, but frustrated with the Israelites, he strikes the rock twice and takes the credit that belongs to God for providing water. The one time Moses doesn’t do exactly what God commanded him to do, it cost him entrance into the Promised Land.

Jesus did exactly what God needed Him to do. It cost Him heaven, it cost Him a normal Hebrew life and eventually it cost Him His life. But if Jesus hadn’t been willing to pay the price, we’d be in an awful mess with no hope. He paid a great cost, but the benefits to mankind were countless times more.

It’s a bit sobering to think that my lack of obedience and/or my disobedience may be denying others the freedom they need, or a blessing experience.


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