Letters to a Friend

Dear Lord,
I feel so angry inside.
Like I’m going to explode into pieces that could hurt the people I care about.
Take off the pressure.

Oh Lord,
I’m so afraid inside.
Afraid to move or act or think or do anything, yet the world rushes by – without me!
Comfort me.

Dear Lord, excuse me Sir,
I feel so sad inside.
Like I’m going to melt away and drown in my tears.
Will You ease the pain? Please?
I knew You would.

Dear Lord, May I bother You again?
I feel so happy inside.
I’m so glad, I think I could burst and send out rays of light.
I have to tell someone about it.
Can I tell You?
I knew I could.

Dear Lord, Guess what!
I’m so peaceful inside.
Like the sea that has been gently smoothed after a violent storm.
May I share it with others?
I knew You wouldn’t mind.

By the way,
Did I ever thank You?
I know I should have – a long time ago.
I’m saying it now though.
Sorry it’s so late.
I know You understand.


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