The Three Doors

God dwells in us and abides in us through the Holy Spirit.  He comes to dwell in us at the moment of conversion, but He’s shut away inside us and we must let Him out, we must consciously interact with Him, but how? 


I remembered Revelation 3:20 where Jesus stands at the door and knocks and I remembered the painting where the door handle is only on the inside.  So I saw the first door as the door to our soul – it is a hinged door that we pull open toward us to let Jesus and the Holy Spirit in.


Once we invite someone into our lives, we spend time together getting to know them, learning who they are, where they came from, how they think, what they believe.  I saw the door to my mind as a sliding door, like a closet or patio door.  A sliding door that removes our blinders (after all God’s thoughts are not our thoughts).  I slide the door open so we can freely exchange thoughts back and forth.


After we get to know someone, feelings develop and grow, so the third door is the door to our hearts.  I see it as a set of shutter doors that we unhook from the inside and push out to let our selfishness out and God’s love in.  The wider we open the doors, the more light comes in, the more fresh air and God’s love fills our hearts.  The more He can love us, the more we can love Him, love others and love ourselves.


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